About Us

Justpureflavors.com was started in 2009 when a relatively young man named Steve decided to develop a unique skill set in Professional Jam Making mentored by his mom. 

Mom is from Scotland and taught Steve how to make The Finest Quality Professional Jams, Chutneys, Sauces, Marmalades and Nut Butters. 

JustPureFlavors.com caters to the individual with an adventurous palate who enjoys only the finest quality textures, purest palate sensations, unique flavor blends and the scintillating, sophisticated, delightful aesthetics of excellence in food design. 

All of our fresh unique jams, chutneys, sauces, marmalades and nut butters are no older than seven days when we ship them to you. 

We don't use any high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and less sugar in our unique products.

We are The Cutting Edge of the Art and Science of Custom Flavor Design Technologies. 

We professionally blend and fuse various flavor elements to bring our customers unparallelled elegance, sophistication, and superior quality flavors in unique jams, hot sauces, nut butters, marmalades, and World Class European Style chutneys. 


In the end, it may be said that we are artists of the creative nature of the near infinite world of wholesome foods in flavors, textures, aromatics, and visual presentation.

We make The Highest Quality and Most Expensive products in our categories on The Planet.

Bar None,

That's why we say at justpureflavors The Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On.

© 2015 by justpureflavors.com

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