Now every person can simply Baconize anything they want to eat.

We don't know anyone who, deep down, doesn't love bacon.

This product is the perfect blending of sweet and heat. The magic of the jalapeno blended with bacon needs no introduction to your palate.

Put it on your cheeseburger, your pork chop, chicken or sausage on your grill, your pancakes or waffles, your icecream or your breakfast tacos.

Enjoy it on your breakfast cereal, your pizza, your sushi, your eggrolls, your chicken wings or in your margarita.

The world will never be the same.

We are the only people on the planet that make this unique creation. We are the ORIGINAL makers of this product. All others are *cheap* copies.

Others imitate us but we are never duplicated.

Pure. Natural. Fresh.

Accept No Substitutes.

Bacon Jalapeno Jam - 8oz

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