You'll never look at peanut butter or bacon the same again.


We take fresh Virginia peanuts and make a fresh peanut butter from scratch, then we add real bacon.


Great on your cheesburger, awesome in your stir fry, perfect on your salad. 


You've never tasted a Bacon Peanut Butter Brownie.


They'll ask you "where did you get that?!!!"


No one else sells this unique product.


So though it's not quite Rocket Science?... the technical sophistication required to make this cutting edge Totally Unique Foodie Fusion Experience (TUFFE) is right up there with Trigonometry and Calculus, both of which I hated, as did most of us, no doubt.

And yes, I did just make up that acronym. 

If you've never tasted Pure Bacon Peanut Butter and you love either Bacon or Peanut Butter or both?

You've been missing out, no doubt.


Not fake bacon. Not bacon bits. 

But Real Serious BACON. 


Bacon Peanut Butter - 4oz


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