The healing properties of Cherries are well known. 

In ancient times salves and balms were made with Cherries that healed the sick and cleansed the lepers.

Ok, maybe I lied about the leper part.

This jam has a wonderful "chunky" cherry texture and blends nicely into the Multi Multi fruit berries we blend deliciously into this one of a kind jam.

What kind of berries doesn't this jam have in it?

Gee, we don't know of any.

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries are all included and many of our customers have delightfully singled them all out.

With a super smooth and fine spreadable texture the highest and best use of this wonderful jam is with some fresh french bread and our one of a kind Pistachio Nut Butter.

Imagine the possibilities!

Cherry Berry Jam - 8oz