We blend amazing sweet mango into just the right amount of habanero. 


This is the finest Mango Habanero you can buy, or your money back. 


Use this world class, best in class Totally Unique product on your chicken wings, over your cream cheese, or ice cream, on your broiled shrimp, pork chop or wild caught salmon filet.


We NEVER put too much habanero in our products. You'll only ever get a pleasing habanero heat to the back of your palate from us.


Nothing more or less. 


This product is The Epitome of hot and sweet.


Our Mango Habanero really jazzes your chicken wings, is amazing on your pork tenderloin and makes your vanilla ice cream the most memorable you'll ever enjoy.

Top-Of-The-Line Mango Habanero - 5 oz