Wholesaled and private labeled to restaurants around Texas and the United States.


Call for case price please.


POW! sauce is an iteration of our Inferno Sauce product in a unique repackage format. 


We also private label  this product.


Squeeze bottle is just perfect for every reason.


We blend fresh sweet roasted red bell peppers with a wonderful Habanero pepper finish to make this sauce a one of a kind creation. The (not quite) hottest product we make (which is saying something), we use goggles, an air re-breathing mask, and three pairs of latex gloves to make this sauce.

Yes, the capsaicinoids in this sauce are THAT strong.

It is The Quintessential Complement to fresh cheese and goes very nicely poured over the top of fresh cream cheese or served with brie.

Inferno sauce also goes very nicely with any asian, indian, or mexican food.

At a party, they will ask you "Where did you get that?"

POW! Sauce - (restaurant size) 5 oz Squeeze Bottle


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