This jam was inspired by the owner of JPF as he was visiting Columbia and somewhat clumsily accidentally fell over a beautiful woman's bosom as she tightly held a libation of the same name. 

The story goes that he was creatively inspired as he looked deeply into her eyes at close quarters. He could see the soft round glass filled with fresh strawberries and mangos reflected in her beautiful pupils.

The aroma of her perfume, the smell of sweet fresh strawberry and mango on her lips enabled him to creatively produce this popular product with great passion.

Elegant, sophisticated and intoxicating in a tropical way this Strawberry Mango jam has chunks of real fresh mango blended into it and is The Quintessential Strawberry Experience.

You will never look at strawberries in the same way again.

Steve never did.

Strawberry Mango Jam - 8oz